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Snow & Puppy – Take THAT Heat!

Record high temperatures here in Colorado force me to fight back. Here’s my puppy, Gem, enjoying the snow last November (2 Nov. 2011; video by me).

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Kea: Smart but Pesky?

Kea, beautiful, fascinating, and intelligent, are the world’s only alpine parrot, now an endangered species because they are smart enough to get into trouble but perhaps not cute & cuddly enough for people to appreciate them and let them alone. … Continue reading

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Gem’s First Videos

This is the first video I took of my pup, Gem, back on 21 May 2011. And here’s a glimpse into his Marine training routine:

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Bubble Bots

I first saw this story on the “Life’s Little Mysteries” website (part of the LiveScience family of blogs & news outlets). Engineers Wenqi Hu, Kelly S. Ishii, and Aaron T. Ohta at the University of Hawaii at Manoa have created tiny robots made … Continue reading

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Fibonacci Visualized

  Nature by Numbers is a wonderfully vivid and beautiful short video I first saw on the bioephemera blog back in March 2010. Not to be missed.

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