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Not Neato – Noise Contributes to Baby Bird Deaths

Not neato, but good work by scientists for figuring it out. A group of scientists have now shown that “Passerine Birds Breeding under Chronic Noise Experience Reduced Fitness.” Julia Schroeder of the University of Sheffield, UK, and colleagues write in their … Continue reading

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Using Bubbles, Light, and Ultrasonic Vibrations to Engineer a New Kind of CG/3-D Display

I first heard about these “bubble displays” from Life’s Little Mysteries and then read about them in more detail on the Discovery News website. But if you want to really understand the science, check out the website associated with the original 2012 … Continue reading

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Biggest Dragonfly Ever?

I was flipping through my Google Reader when I came across this Not Exactly Rocket Science post. I was immediately struck by the image (at left) — it appeared to me to be the fossil imprint of a giant dragonfly. … Continue reading

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BBC Science Show Features Fascinating Presenter

I watched this show last night and wished it wouldn’t end. Maggie Aderin-Pocock is fascinating and fascinated by what she is talking about, and this in turn makes the subject matter fascinating. Highly recommended; would love to see more science … Continue reading

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Fibonacci Visualized

  Nature by Numbers is a wonderfully vivid and beautiful short video I first saw on the bioephemera blog back in March 2010. Not to be missed.

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