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Neato Raindrop Study: Tiny Bubbles and Petrichor

Like the fresh smell of rain after a storm? It could be petrichor.┬áPetrichor (peh-trih-kor) is defined as “the earthy scent produced when rain falls on dry soil.” I notice the scent even as the rain falls on dry pavement, probably … Continue reading

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Raindrops on Spiders and Whiskers on Kittens (OK, No Kittens) * Arachnophobia Warning*

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Jewels of Rain – KeaPOD 42

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Looking Deep into Things – KeaPOD 22

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Fossil Raindrops

  Neato! Fossil raindrops! But how do you catch a fossil raindrop? Well, have a look at this Cosmos Magazine article about work by astrobiologist Sanjoy M. Som and colleagues, which was recently published in Nature.

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