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Sticky Science

During a couple of summers in the 1990s, I worked as a volunteer in an orphanage in México (Casa Hogar Mama Paulita, El Limon, Tamaulipas, México). I was amazed at the geckos crawling about the walls and ceilings at night, … Continue reading

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Biggest Dragonfly Ever?

I was flipping through my Google Reader when I came across this Not Exactly Rocket Science post. I was immediately struck by the image (at left) — it appeared to me to be the fossil imprint of a giant dragonfly. … Continue reading

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Fossil Raindrops

  Neato! Fossil raindrops! But how do you catch a fossil raindrop? Well, have a look at this Cosmos Magazine article about work by astrobiologist Sanjoy M. Som and colleagues, which was recently published in Nature.

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