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A Fatal Attack of the Bubbles

So begins a 5 May 2016 Science News article by Susan Milius highlighting a Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) article by Timothy J. Brodribb and colleagues titled, “Revealing catastrophic failure of leaf networks under stress.” The PNAS article’s summary … Continue reading

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Neato Raindrop Study: Tiny Bubbles and Petrichor

Like the fresh smell of rain after a storm? It could be petrichor. Petrichor (peh-trih-kor) is defined as “the earthy scent produced when rain falls on dry soil.” I notice the scent even as the rain falls on dry pavement, probably … Continue reading

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Neato Photo of “Ice Chunk Air Bubbles” by Kyle House

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You Got Me

  OK, first you give me a really awesome macro shot of a gorgeous blue-green beetle, and then you tell me it “can stick to surfaces underwater” using “a set of small bubbles trapped beneath its feet.” Bubbles and bugs? … Continue reading

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Using Bubbles, Light, and Ultrasonic Vibrations to Engineer a New Kind of CG/3-D Display

I first heard about these “bubble displays” from Life’s Little Mysteries and then read about them in more detail on the Discovery News website. But if you want to really understand the science, check out the website associated with the original 2012 … Continue reading

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Spheres and Bubbles – These Are Two of My Favorite Things

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Sea-Foam Bubbles – KeaPOD 26

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More About Bubbles

Yesterday, I posted some research news about bubble robots. So today I thought I’d tell you what those bubbles are in my header design. Once I started thinking about it though, all this sci-fi stuff came to mind. Why? Well, … Continue reading

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Bubble Bots

I first saw this story on the “Life’s Little Mysteries” website (part of the LiveScience family of blogs & news outlets). Engineers Wenqi Hu, Kelly S. Ishii, and Aaron T. Ohta at the University of Hawaii at Manoa have created tiny robots made … Continue reading

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