Neato People Profiles

Aunt Lucia

Me and my grand-aunt, Lucia (b. Idaho, 1914), one of the neatest people I know.

One of the goals of this blog is to include brief profiles of people whom I think are “neato.”

I have a set list of questions (below), primarily to keep things structured and hopefully then easier for the “interviewee” but also so that, over time, I can compare answers to the same questions and see how different people react or if there are any trends or similarities.

Feel free to be creative with the questions. The word limit is a guideline for those for whom writing any amount is intimidating (I tried it; it’s hard to stay under 100 words). I look forward to reading and posting your neato responses! (P.S.: If you’re interested, see my Dragonfly Wars post, Who Me?, in which I answer my own questions.)

1. Who are you and/or what is the main purpose of your company? (Please answer this in 100 words or less. Note added 12 June: This is hard to do! I just tried it and couldn’t get below 190 words, so you are welcome to fudge a bit on the length). Please also include a photo if you have one available. This can be a photo of you (preferred) or a selected avatar or company logo.
2. What or whom do you think is neato? You can name more than one thing/person.
3. Name three quick facts or fantasies about yourself/your company that you didn’t include in your answer to my first question.
4. Please ask a question you would like to see answered by the global community. This can be existential or pragmatic, realistic or silly.
5. Please tell me something about your profession that you think someone younger than you, or who is just starting out, would like to know.
6. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

You can contact me via e-mail at keagiles AT coyotesong DOT com or by leaving a comment on this page.

1. Neato Person Profile 1: Jefferson Chang.
2. Neato Person Profile 2: Stephen T. Johnston
3. Neato Person Profile 3: Lillie Henrietta Ibser Asmus
4. Neato Person Profile 4: Clio Reid

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