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Not Neato: New Zealand’s Keas Endangered, with Only 5,000 in The Wild

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Neato and not so Neato…

Beautiful marine species, beautifully captured. But each is at risk of extinction, according to the Treehugger slide show, “10 marine species on the brink of mass extinction due to ocean acidification.” According to author David DeFranza, “Adding carbon to the … Continue reading

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USGS: September is National Preparedness Month

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, September is National Preparedness Month. I’m not sure what Boulder County could have done to prepare for the deluge of rain that fell in the area over just a few days┬áthis September. But I … Continue reading

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Not Neato: Fern Lake Fire, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, USA

My favorite place in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, USA, is the lovely Moraine Park meadow, with its meandering stream, butter & eggs flowers, and sweet grass. Because of a fire that started this summer but really kicked up again … Continue reading

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Not Neato: Scratched Camera Lens, Pixel Loss

Photos from my recent vacation in Durango (Colorado, USA) and the surrounding area, including the San Juan National Forest and views from Wolf Creek Pass, show what I was trying to deny: neither one of my prized Canon cameras are … Continue reading

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Not Neato – A Contrast in The Mail

Not neato: I received these two pieces of mail on the same day. One, a flyer for a lingerie catalog, offers “5 ways to be incredible!” The other, a World Vision mailer, shows a bereft woman and child with a … Continue reading

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Not Neato – Noise Contributes to Baby Bird Deaths

Not neato,┬ábut good work by scientists for figuring it out. A group of scientists have now shown that “Passerine Birds Breeding under Chronic Noise Experience Reduced Fitness.” Julia Schroeder of the University of Sheffield, UK, and colleagues write in their … Continue reading

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