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Oil and Water Make Art

The header for this blog is a closeup of Diet Coke bubbles. Nothing like having a digital camera handy when you’re bored feeling creative and curious. Now here’s something even neater: Have a look this work by Linda Biba via Bored Panda.

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Speaking of Water Drops – Great Imaggeo Image

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Neato Raindrop Study: Tiny Bubbles and Petrichor

Like the fresh smell of rain after a storm? It could be petrichor. Petrichor (peh-trih-kor) is defined as “the earthy scent produced when rain falls on dry soil.” I notice the scent even as the rain falls on dry pavement, probably … Continue reading

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World’s Cutest Spiders – New Scientist & Photographer Jürgen Otto


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Neato and not so Neato…

Beautiful marine species, beautifully captured. But each is at risk of extinction, according to the Treehugger slide show, “10 marine species on the brink of mass extinction due to ocean acidification.” According to author David DeFranza, “Adding carbon to the … Continue reading

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January 2014 Geology: Volcanic Lightning?

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Neato Rocks — Garry Hayes’ Geotripper Blog

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