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Very Neato Word Challenge – The Up-Goer Five Text Editor

“The Up-Goer Five Text Editor” was created by Theo Sanderson, inspired by XKCD. The challenge is to write about something complicated using the 10,000 most-used words in the English language. I could get stuck doing this all day. Here’s my … Continue reading

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One Amazing Thing – How Much Do We Reveal about Ourselves to Others?

In the book, One Amazing Thing, by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, a diverse group of people is trapped in a “life-or-death” situation. Folks are having trouble staying calm and getting along, so one of the characters suggests that each tell a … Continue reading

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A Few Notes about Posting Photos

Both of these cameras are capable of capturing high-quality, high-resolution (in terms of image size) photos. You’ve seen examples here on my blog. The G11 can even shoot in “RAW” format, which gives me more options on how I want … Continue reading

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Word Dynamo Challenge from

How many words do you know? Are you ready for the Word Dynamo Challenge from You can also choose a topic to learn, such asĀ Earth science (including a soils quiz), “Amazing words from American history, ” and “From queue … Continue reading

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Kea: Smart but Pesky?

Kea, beautiful, fascinating, and intelligent, are the world’s only alpine parrot, now an endangered species because they are smart enough to get into trouble but perhaps not cute & cuddly enough for people to appreciate them and let them alone. … Continue reading

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Asperger’s Diary 7 June 2012: Compelling and Heartbreaking

From time to time, I will post here news and information that is not neato in the flip sense of the word, but neato because it is notable, compelling, and impactful. This post by Lynne Soraya (a pseudonym) is one … Continue reading

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Neato Person Profile 1: Jefferson Chang

This is the first in a series of interviews with people whom I think are “neato.” Learn more on my “Neato People Profiles” page. Who are you? I’m a graduate student in geophysics (earthquake physics, tectonics, refraction seismology, regional gravity, … Continue reading

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More About Bubbles

Yesterday, I posted some research news about bubble robots. So today I thought I’d tell you what those bubbles are in my header design. Once I started thinking about it though, all this sci-fi stuff came to mind. Why? Well, … Continue reading

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Definition: What is a Kea?

Kea (Nestor nobilis) are known as the world’s only alpine parrots and are found only on the South Island of New Zealand. These birds are known for two major characteristics: high intelligence and curiosity. They can be rather pesky in … Continue reading

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