Blogs I Follow

BLOGS AND RSS FEEDS, by Andrew Alden, because, well, it’s about geology,

Adventures in Geology, which endeavors to show how geology is related to our everyday lives,

Agile Geoscience, a geoscience consulting practice based in Nova Scotia, Canada, by Matt Hall and Evan Bianco,

American Journal of Botany paleobotany postings,

Asperger’s Diary, by Aspie, Psychology Today expert, and author Lynne Soraya (a nom de plume):

Bad Astronomy, by Boulderite Phil Plait, which is part of the “Slate” line of blogs:

BBC News Science & Environment,

Bioephemera, by geologist-artist Jessica Palmer:

Canadian Hiking Photography — Wow, the pictures!:

Cast Light, “a simple reminder that we have a choice to be positive or negative; we can cast light or cast shadows — always choose light”:

Clastic Detritus, a blog about sedimentary geology by Virginia Tech prof. Brian Romans,

Cosmos Magazine (the science of everything),

Dragonfly Editorial, because I like the name (and because I’m an editor),

Dragonfly Wars, by me (Kea Giles), because it is my personal blog,

Eight Crayon Science, science illustrated with crayons!,

Eruptions, a Wired Science blog by Erik Klemetti,

GeoCastAway, el blog y podcast de geología y ciencias de la tierra (en español),

GeoLog, the official blog of the European Geosciences Union,

Georneys, an AGU blog by Evelyn Mervine,

Geotripper, news from the geologic realm,

Global Grasshopper, travel inspiration and photography,

Good Math, Bad Math, by Mark Chu-Carroll, whose goal is to “ramble about the beauty of mathematics,” among other things,

Highly Allochthonous, a geoscience blog by scientists Anne Jefferson and Chris Rowan,

History of Geology, by David Bressan (the title speaks for itself),

Invariant Properties, because it is my husband’s blog; I don’t pretend to understand it,

Jeff Sullivan Photography, for incredible photographs, especially of the sky,

Knight Science Journalism Tracker, what MIT calls “peer review within science journalism,”

KQED Quest, a science blog from San Francisco’s great public broadcasting station,

Phenomena, a National Geographic blog by Brian Switek (@Laelaps), author of Written in Stone,

Letters of Note, a site edited by Shaun Usher that digs up old letters of interest or, well, of note, and posts the online,


Looking for Detachment, geology and photography posts via a professional geologist,

Magma Cum Laude, a blog about all-things volcano by geoscience graduate student Jessica Ball, part of the AGU Blogosphere,

Mark and Angel Hack Life, “practical thoughts on a broad range of topics,”

NASA’s Astronomy Pix of the Day (APOD),

Neurotribes, a PLoS blog by author and online science maven Steve Silberman,

Obesity Panacea, another PLoS blog by exercise physiologists Peter Janiszewski and Travis Saunders,

On Becoming a Domestic and Laboratory Goddess by Dr. Isis. No words can aptly describe this blog. Just read it:

PL0S (Public Library of Science) blog network,

Prof Hacker, a The Chronicle of Higher Education blog that provides “tips about teaching, technology, and productivity,”

Save the Media, by journalist and Ph.D. candidate Gina Masullo Chen,

Science News,

Scientist at Work, a New York Times “notes from the field” blog,

Scientific American Guest Blog, (here’s the post I wrote: “Social Media for Science: The Geologic Perspective,”

Soapbox Science, a Nature community guest blog,

Speaking of Geoscience, a blog by geologists and members of The Geological Society of America,

State of the Planet, Columbia University’s The Earth Institute science blog,

Sysomos, a blog about social media by Mark Evans,

The Buttry Diary, by Steve Buttry, director of Digital First Media’s Community Engagement & Social Media,

The Dragonfly Woman, for education, insight, and pictures of dragonflies and other neat bugs,

The Landslide Blog, by Dave Petley, also part of the AGU Blogosphere,

The Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism, a project of the Myers-Rosa Foundation, edited by a consortium of writers and other experts,

Through the Sandglass, by geologist Michael Welland, author of Sand: The Never-Ending Story,

The Whirlpool of Life, a beautiful and profound blog about nature and how the living world works and how we perceive it, by Scott D. Sampson,

Time Healthland, particularly posts by Maia Szalavitz,

Urban Extension, flora and fauna of Corfe Mullen, an ancient Dorset village,

Wooster Geologists, a faculty blog from the Dept. of Geology at The College of Wooster,


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