About Kea

Kea Giles

Kea Giles.
Photo by April Leo.

For an introduction to this blog, please read “Welcome to KeaNeato!” and “Definition: What is a Kea?

My name, Kea Giles, is a combination of my initials (Kristen E. Asmus) and my husband’s (Bear) last name. I live and work in Boulder, Colorado, USA. (Note: Yes, I am married to Bear Giles, the intrepid software engineering explorer.) The Kea nickname is particularly appropriate for several reasons, some of which you’ll understand if you read this post.

I earned a B.A. in 1984 (psychology and English [magna cum laude & Phi Beta Kappa]) and an M.A. (journalism and mass communication) in 1992, both from the University of Colorado.

I feel that I was born to be an editor, and I enjoy social media, writing, digital photography (all photos here were taken by me unless otherwise noted, and are copyright keagiles), and learning new things.

I have another blog, Dragonfly Wars, that you may be interested in reading as well, especially if you want to know how I raised my golden retriever puppy, Gem, and then had to give him up, and how Jessie the 12-yr-old golden came into our lives.

You can contact me at keagiles AT coyotesong DOT com or by commenting on this blog. Follow me on Twitter at Colo_kea. Note: All photos by keagiles are copyright keagiles and cannot be re-used in any format, cropped or otherwise manipulated, without express permission from Kea Giles.

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