Pretty Damn Neato: Mexican Team Invents “Topos Good-Luck Charm” for Earthquake Survival

Screen-shot 23 Apr Newsweek article

Screen-shot from 23 Apr. Newsweek article,
Elite Mexican Earthquake Rescue Team Develops Survival Device.”

As the 23 Apr. Newsweek article, “Elite Mexican Earthquake Rescue Team Develops Survival Device,” by Karla Zabludovsky notes, the “Topos Good-Luck Charm” (or amulet) provides portable technology to increase the survival chances for earthquake victims.

I’m thinking this could also work for victims of landslides, like the one in Washington State, though I’m not sure if the “a metallic plate that reflects sonar frequencies back to search and rescue teams” would work through such dense earth. It might also have uses for folks living in tornado alley.

Did you know? According to the article, and to the Mexican earthquake rescue team “Brigada de rescate Topos Tlatelolco,” which developed the device, having a flashlight in an emergency such as a strong earthquake increases your survival time five-fold. So, if you’re in a disaster-prone area, it’s a good idea to go out and buy a few extra flashlights to keep around the house.

Oh, and check out their cell phone app!

¿Quere saber más? La brigada de rescate tiene un website con todo la historia de los Topos, y de la compaña de los 60 segundos. Ellos también tienen un app celular.

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