Very Neato Word Challenge – The Up-Goer Five Text Editor

The Up-Goer Five Text Editor” was created by Theo Sanderson, inspired by XKCD. The challenge is to write about something complicated using the 10,000 most-used words in the English language.

I could get stuck doing this all day. Here’s my first try, explaining what I do for a living:

I work with words; words that work and words that do not work. I make words that do not work work by making the letters go in the right order. I make lots of words work by making them go in the right order. Sometimes I have to use different marks to help people know when a word thought changes or when a word thought ends. Usually, I have lots of of words and letters going all up and down a paper someone has written, and I check for parts that look funny or do not fit. It can be like a game for someone who enjoys word games. It also helps other people who need their writing to be clear or who need help reading to understand things. When the letters or the words or the marks are not in the right order, people can be confused. This can keep them from learning what they are supposed to learn or understand and it can make them angry or keep them from growing in what they know. On the other hand, people who write things like papers and books sometimes have trouble putting their letters and words and marks in the right order because it is not their number one job.  If they need help, they come to someone like me, and I will fix it as best I can. It is fun, though some would think I am crazy to say so.

About Kea Giles

Writer, photographer, editor, wife, friend, sister, dog mother.
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