For those of you just getting to know me…

Kea Giles

Me (Kea Giles). Photo by April Leo.

I started this blog on 17 May 2012 and have made more than 125 posts since then. According to the WordPress stats, my blog has had more than 4,700 views, with 786 of them coming on my “busiest day,” 1 July 2012. I have 43 followers (thanks folks!) and lots of “likes” that I also very much appreciate.

I’d like to give you a random-order rundown of what I consider to be my top 10 posts, based on popularity, quality, and/or what I believe best represents the philosophy of KeaNeato!

  1. My most popular post (30 June 2012) is a photo of Trail Ridge Road. As of 27 July, this photo had 1,183 views.
  2. My second most popular post is also a photograph (23 June 2012): Ready for My Close-up, with 523 views. (Note: The majority of my posts are photographs.)
  3. The Neato People Profile series ranks at the top for me. I wish I could get more people to participate. Thoughts?
  4. One person’s profile that I’d like to add is that of Maggie Aderin-Pocock. My 21 May 2012 post about her BBC science show was the first that really excited me about creating the profile series and about what I could do with KeaNeato! long-term.
  5. One of my funniest posts (in my mind, anyway), and one I’m surprised didn’t get more attention, was “This is your dog…” — a spoof on those old “This is your brain … and this is your brain on drugs” television PSAs. And just plain LOL.
  6. Sometimes I write a post that is “not neato” — that is, something that is notable or sad or somehow much more important than the word “neato” might imply. This first in this series is about Lynne Soraya’s Asperger’s Diary post, “Thinking about the Unthinkable.”
  7. My photos make up — by far — the most popular of my posts. Yet one of my favorites, Infinity, received very little attention (only seven hits!). So, I draw your attention to it here. I agree, it does look quite creepy and other-worldly. But I like the detail.
  8. I like to follow science, so I will occasionally give you a sketch summary of science I find to be, well, neato. My first in this series stands out to me because I do so love bubbles: Bubble Bots.
  9. The video I took of my puppy, Gem, running in the snow last spring, “Snow & Puppy — Take THAT Heat!,” continues to get views (251 so far) even though I posted it more than a month ago.
  10. Finally, I have sort of a butterfly series going. My first post was, I think, the most beautiful: The white morpho butterfly. If you click on the picture, you can see the actual texture of the wings. Magnificent.

I’d love it if you would explore this blog — A good place to start is to click on an item of interest in the tag cloud. And do please let me know what you think.

About Kea Giles

Writer, photographer, editor, wife, friend, sister, dog mother.
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