Relaxing the Web

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I stumbled across this website via StumbleUpon, a learn-as-it-goes web-page browser portal that asks its “stumblers” to “tell us whether you Like or Dislike our recommendations so we can show you more of what’s best for you” (more of what you “like”). is refreshingly simple. You can choose from five video images with ambient sound to match (office warning: sound plays without prompt). Listen for two or ten minutes and add music and a voice-over meditation guide if you like. was founded in April 2012 to encourage moments of mindfulness and mediation in an otherwise “noisy” Internet. The site is so simple, however, that there is no “about” page, so I can’t tell you who is behind the project. There is a box for you to sign up for e-mail updates, but otherwise, the site seems to be exactly what it says, “A place to relax.”

About Kea Giles

Writer, photographer, editor, wife, friend, sister, dog mother.
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