An Alternate Trekiverse – New Animated Title Intro

Quintek Group alternate title intro for Star Trek

Screen shot of the Quintek Group’s animated alternate title intro for the original Star Trek.

Yes, I have been and always shall be a Star Trek fan — born just soon enough to have it become part of my brain structure, my Zeitgeist. Yes, my last two cats, a black female and an orange-tabby male, were named Nyota and Tiberius. Yes, I wanted to be Lt. Uhura or maybe Mr. Spock when I was growing up. Yes, I can tell which re-run episode is up within, say, the first 10 seconds. Yes, I am upset that the actress* playing Lt. Uhura in the new movie series is not a native speaker of Swahili bears little resemblance to the original character. OK, already, is that enough? Do I have to confess further? Oh, and I think this new animation of the original opening credits is #neato.

*The inarguably talented and beautiful Zoë Saldana is neither as voluptuous nor as dark-skinned as the gorgeous Nichelle Nichols. Also, the original Nyota Uhura was sweet and kind as well as strong and smart; the new Uhura seems a bit too angry to me. And Uhura would never have gone for Spock!  [[edited after original post]]

About Kea Giles

Writer, photographer, editor, wife, friend, sister, dog mother.
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