Neato Person Profile 3: Lillie Henrietta Ibser Asmus

Lillie Asmus and Sherpa friend in Bhutan

My grandmother, Lillie Asmus, on her 1975 trek in Bhutan, with her Sherpa guide. The photo is a scan from the
original Daily Camera article
I wrote about this trek, published in 1992.

This is my first posthumous KeaNeato! person profile, and I have chosen to write out what I think my grandmother, Lillie Henrietta Ibser Asmus, would have answered to my set of questions. Please see my 27 Jan. 2011 Dragonfly Wars post for a longer biographic sketch.

  1. Who are you? (Please answer this in 100 words or less.)
    My parents (Henrik and Lilinka Ibser) were both from Bohemia (Praha) and came here when they were teenagers, so I am Bohemian. I was the oldest of six children: Henry, Gertrude, Ruth, Rose, Homer, and myself. I went to high school in Lincoln, Nebraska. My parents thought a college education was very important, so I earned a degree in botany and fine art. I wanted to major in biology, but my father didn’t think science was a good profession for a woman. My favorite art method was the block print [see below], but I also enjoyed silver work, and that’s how I met my husband, Ernest Asmus, who was of Danish descent. We had four children: Sigrid, Ernest (whom we called Carlyle), Forrest, and Ingrid. Our happiest times were when we lived in Worthington, Ohio, and Ann Arbor, Michigan. … I see I’ve gone over the word limit. Well, I lived to be 95 years old, and there’s so much to tell. But on to the next question…
  2. What or whom do you think is neato? You can name more than one thing/person.
    Tenzing Norgay is at the top of my list. He was a wonderful man; trekking with him in Bhutan and going to his home for tea was a dream come true. I also very much loved stamp collecting and my stamp club, so I guess you can say that was neato. Recycling is neato — remember when I won that award from EcoCycle? The Colorado Mountain Club is another thing that is neato. I used to be very involved with that, hiking, doing the newsletter, and running the slide shows.
  3. Name three quick facts or fantasies about yourself that you didn’t include in your answer to my first question.
    a. I would consider myself to be a Buddhist; b. I love to cook, especially potato dumplings and cake made from scratch and cookies and bread during the holidays; and c. Moving to Boulder, Colorado, as a young mother in the 1950s was very hard on me, but I so so love Colorado now!
  4. Please ask a question you would like to see answered by the global community.
    Why do people choose to be racist and prejudiced and cruel when really we are all one people? My father and I had a terrible falling out over this.
  5. Please tell me something about your profession that you think someone younger than you, or who is just starting out, would like to know.
    I never really had a “profession” per se. After my divorce when my youngest was still in elementary school, I had to become the wage earner, so I took on any job I could get. If I had had all the time in the world, I would have devoted it to making block prints, silver buttons and jewelry, knitting and sewing… Oh, so I say, make time for what you really want to do and don’t just stay busy, busy, busy.
  6. Is there anything else you’d like to add?
    I wish I could have done more traveling; I loved it so much!
Block print by Lillie H. Asmus

This is a scanned (lo-res) example of the block print art my grandmother, Lillie H. Asmus, created.

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2 Responses to Neato Person Profile 3: Lillie Henrietta Ibser Asmus

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  2. Betty Asmus says:

    Wonderful! Enjoyed this so much.


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