More About Bubbles

soda bubbles

How’d she get that picture? Photo by keagiles. (Note: This is Kea POD 4.)

Yesterday, I posted some research news about bubble robots. So today I thought I’d tell you what those bubbles are in my header design. Once I started thinking about it though, all this sci-fi stuff came to mind.

Why? Well, these bubbles are from a close-up photograph of spilled diet cola (taken with a macro lens with flash on). Hey, when life gives you spilled soda, you take a picture of it. At least, I do.

So, what “sci-fi stuff” comes to mind? — I may sound paranoid, but I don’t mean to — it is an interesting idea: Could someone put little robot bubbles in my soda? Probably not — why waste the resource? Besides, they would be inert without lasers to run them. But it still has me thinking.

About Kea Giles

Writer, photographer, editor, wife, friend, sister, dog mother.
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