Levitating Thimble


When I was a kid, my mother used to play “find the thimble” with us … she’d hide it somewhere in the house and that would keep my brothers and me busy for some time! I took this photo with my iPhone and it’s pretty neato! It looks, to me anyway, like the thimble is levitating off the page.

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Hakai Magazine: Living in a Bubble

Hakai magazine Coast Science and Societies

Screenshot from Hakai Magazine.

I couldn’t resist (you know my penchant for bubbles). “Five organisms find home in sea foam,” by Chris Drudge. I also like the way their post cares about your time — listing the number of words and about how long it will take the average reader to read it (600 words, ~3 min.).

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This Time Last Year

Just about this time last year I created a video about my hike to/by/near Lake Isabelle in Colorado. Beautiful. Enjoy this video replay.


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Oil and Water Make Art

The header for this blog is a closeup of Diet Coke bubbles. Nothing like having a digital camera handy when you’re bored feeling creative and curious.

Now here’s something even neater: Have a look this work by Linda Biba via Bored Panda.

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More Bubbles

soap bubbles

Purple soap bubbles by keagiles.

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A Fatal Attack of the Bubbles

waterdrops518So begins a 5 May 2016 Science News article by Susan Milius highlighting a Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) article by Timothy J. Brodribb and colleagues titled, “Revealing catastrophic failure of leaf networks under stress.” The PNAS article’s summary begins, “The intricate patterns of veins that adorn the leaves of land plants are among the most important networks in biology. Water flows in these leaf irrigation networks under tension and is vulnerable to embolism-forming cavitations, which cut off water supply, ultimately causing leaf death.” The study notes, “Drying soil leads to an increase in water tension, exposing plants to the problem of breakage of the water column, causing embolisms that cut off water supply, leading to tissue death during drought.”

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Neato Book Review Collection – Austism in Fiction

SNeilson Blog Screen Shot

Screen shot from Stuart Neilson’s review gallery of books with characters on the autism spectrum. Click on the image above to learn more, or go to http://gallery.stuartneilson.com/index.php?album=ASD-fiction.

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