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World’s Cutest Spiders – New Scientist & Photographer Jürgen Otto


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Skippy Hangover

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Not Neato: New Zealand’s Keas Endangered, with Only 5,000 in The Wild

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Long Time Passing

It has always been my intention to make this a dynamic blog, updated weekly if not sooner. As happens with everyone at some point, life intervened. But, dear reader(s) don’t give up on me!

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Summer Clematis: KeaPOD (picture of the day) 155

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Pretty Damn Neato: Mexican Team Invents “Topos Good-Luck Charm” for Earthquake Survival

As the 23 Apr. Newsweek article, “Elite Mexican Earthquake Rescue Team Develops Survival Device,” by Karla Zabludovsky notes, the “Topos Good-Luck Charm” (or amulet) provides portable technology to increase the survival chances for earthquake victims. I’m thinking this could also work … Continue reading

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Earth Day: May I Present You with the Hope Cactus – KeaPOD 154


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