About Kea

Kea Giles

Kea Giles.
Photo by April Leo.

For an introduction to this blog, please read “Welcome to KeaNeato!” and “Definition: What is a Kea?

My name, Kea Giles, is a combination of my initials (Kristen E. Asmus) and my husband’s (Bear) last name. I live and work in Boulder, Colorado, USA. (Note: Yes, I am married to Bear Giles, the intrepid software engineering explorer.) The Kea nickname is particularly appropriate for several reasons, some of which you’ll understand if you read this post.

At present, I am managing editor of communications for a large scientific society, editing its print and e-magazines, writing most science-related press releases, and proofing other outgoing communications. I earned a B.A. in 1984 (psychology and English [magna cum laude & Phi Beta Kappa]) and an M.A. (journalism and mass communication) in 1992, both from the University of Colorado. For an “official résumé,” please see my LinkedIn Profile.

I feel that I was born to be an editor, and I enjoy social media, writing, digital photography (all photos here were taken by me unless otherwise noted), and learning new things. I like to hike, zipline, play in the creek with my dog, and watch TV with my husband.

I have another blog, Dragonfly Wars, that you may be interested in reading as well, especially if you want to know how I raised my golden retriever puppy, Gem, and then had to give him up, and how Jessie the 12-yr-old golden came into our lives.

One thing I want to do with this blog is feature brief interviews with people whom I think are “neato.” Find the questions and learn more on my Neato People Profiles page.

You can contact me at keagiles AT coyotesong DOT com or by commenting on this blog. Follow me on Twitter at Colo_kea.

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